Ideas for Bored Kids

The “I’m Bored” Table

ONLY BORING PEOPLE ARE BORED! I say this a lot in response to “Mom, I’m Bored.” But, what is an 8-year-old homeschooled kid to do when he is done with school, his neighbors aren’t home from school yet, and he isn’t allowed on screen?

As his mom AND his teacher, isn’t it up to me to help him develop interests? Shouldn’t I be giving him at least SOME ideas? I created this I’M BORED table for him one day – on the ready for the big, “Maaaahhhhm, I’m boooooored”. I’m not saying he did all or even more than one of these things, BUT it did light a fire under his own creative juices and he thought of even MORE that he would rather do. So? In my mind – it worked.


“Sweetie, I don’t care where you start or if you even do any of my ideas, but don’t tell me you are bored one more time unless you have tried everything on this table!”

Full Board

It’s hard homeschooling one child! I see all these great posts from my homeschooling friends with kids all around a table doing homework like a one-room schoolhouse – no such luxury here! I need to stop playing LIFE and make dinner, do some sort of laundry some time, or have a moment to think about what we are doing tomorrow.

I’m Bored Table Ideas For an 8-year old boy:


Rush Hour

I love this 3D Logic-developing, hands-on, colorful game for one! My step-D loved it as a child and is now a successful, fancy young professional accountant – so…it must be good! Rush Hour

2. Read a book.


Well, duh, you say, I could have thought of that. But, obviously HE didn’t! Don’t forget that their little minds don’t know how to get off the “I’m bored” track without a nudge. This is one of my boy’s absolute favorites from 3rd grade.

3. Prepare for Club.


Have him think about his next club meeting – Cubs, Boy Scouts, Awana, Karate. Do your assignment, work on your form and moves, get ahead in earning your badge. You get it. Awana: T&T Book 1

4. Learn about another Culture.


I think SOMEbody forgot that we just went to the library and got all these great books about the country that great Uncle Levine is from…Remind him. LOVE MY LIBRARY!

5. Do Something in your Brain Games book.

Activity Book

Mazes, word puzzles, brain benders, old-fashioned pen and paper non-video games for the brain. Of course you have some of these on hand. You’re a homeschooler! But, he forgot about ​them – obviously. Remind him 🙂

6. Make someone a card.


Remember that one hour we had with Dad home last night and you didn’t do what he asked? Write Dad a card of apology and tell him reasons you respect him. He rides a train every day and works all day in the city for us. Let’s thank him for that. Mom, set out the materials he may need, give a little writing prompt or two, and let him him find his inner writer/designer.

6. Do a Craft.


My boy likes to earn cash prizes from the jr art fair, but oft times needs a nudge to push through to the finish line. Only quality work wins the prize! But, for the “bored” table, any craft will do – playdoh, drawing, cutting, sticking – set out all the materials and walk away. “Every child is an artist.” – Pablo Picasso